Support Maintenance Cloud Infra Management

You can engage with HireTechTeam for supporting and maintaining your applications on Azure, AWS or even On-Premise.
You can hire our expert resource for a minimum of 20 hours per month or higher in order to:

  • Implement enhancements or future set.

  • Resolving bugs or troubleshoot issues for production.

  • Implement application diagnostics with Azure insights in order to optimise performance.

  • Enhancing application performance across all layers – business logic, user experience, frontend/UI, backend/database.

Cloud Infra Management

Our Azure/ AWS experts can be engaged to carry out optimisation techniques like:

  • Code optimisation

  • Application Caching

  • Multi-Tenant application hosting and management

  • Load balancing of your Azure hosted application

  • Database configuration & query optimization

  • Distributing content to end users using Azure CDN with low latency and high data transmission

  • Functional & Performance testing

  • Scalability testing

  • Enhancing Security

  • Cloud Migration

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